Date of release: 2018-04-20


PDF rotation of selected pages

(bug 3153) A rotation can be applied to pages based on their orientation when declaring a PDF profile.

Migration of legacy full looseleaf partitions

(bug 3193) Additional controls have been added to the <leaf-settings/> directive to assist with the migration of full looseleaf partitions created using TopLeaf legacy style sheets.

Maximum font size

(bug 3203) The maximum supported font-size is now 1000 pt.

TopLeaf GUI splash screen suppressed

(bug 3207) The TopLeaf GUI splash screen dialog is no longer displayed when you open a partition by calling TopLeaf directly from a command line.

Bug fixes

Error reading file with non-ASCII filename

(bug 2632) TopLeaf could not <read/> the content of file if the filename contained multibyte characters.

Content model not honored for scanned content

(bug 2961) A mapping selected the Element content model and scanned the element content. If the scanned content was rendered, the content model request was ignored.

Abnormal exit when processing deleted leaf section

(bug 3014) A leaf section was removed from the content of a full looseleaf partition. When the partition was typeset, TopLeaf generated an abnormal exit.

Directionality of neutral characters within labels is incorrect

(bug 3162) In some circumstances, the directionality assigned to trailing neutral characters within a paragraph label was not determined by the paragraph directionality.

Licence key reported as invalid

(bug 3192) Some TopLeaf 9 licence keys were reported as invalid.

Invalid table tag mappings not ignored

(bug 3194) The TopLeaf table processor now generates a non-fatal warning if a mapping is declared for a table tag that cannot be mapped.

Handling of mappings not allowed by the table model

(bug 3195) The table model is displayed in the Mapping Editor toolbar, and a more informative message is displayed when a mapping cannot be created.

Abnormal exit if section identifier declared on verso page

(bug 3196) A full looseleaf leaf section identifier was declared at the start of a verso page. When the partition was typeset, TopLeaf generated an abnormal exit.

Error when measuring length of user variable

(bug 3197, 3209) A non-fatal error is now reported when the length of a string assigned to a variable processed by an info or transform request exceeds the maximum permitted length for the content of an assigned variable.

Incorrect indent following full looseleaf point page

(bug 3198) A full looseleaf leaf partition was rendered using a legacy style sheet, creating a leaf that ended with a paragraph that continued onto a following leaf. The style sheet was replaced with a TopLeaf 7.6 style sheet. In a subsequent update, an incorrect indent was applied to the paragraph at the start of the following leaf.

Pages types incorrectly reset when a leaf boundary is scanned

(bug 3199) The current page type was incorrectly reset if a content scan extended across one or more leaf boundaries.

Unexpected end of paragraph when a leaf boundary is scanned

(bug 3200) TopLeaf generated an unexpected end of paragraph when a content scan extended across one or more leaf boundaries.

Cell step alignment is incorrect

(bug 3205) In some circumstances, the position of table entries rendered with cell step alignment was incorrect.

Data block link line position is incorrect

(bug 3206) Data block link lines were positioned incorrectly on landscape pages rendered using a stylesheet that assigned a page footnote page type.

Bound paragraph and page footnote not rendered

(bug 3208) An unbreakable paragraph referenced a page footnote. If the paragraph was bound to the content of a following segment, the paragraph and page footnote were not rendered.