Date of release: 2018-02-20


Page breaks within full looseleaf publications

(bug 3170) When changing to a new page type, TopLeaf automatically generates an implied content break if the orientation of the selected and current page types differ, and where an explicit content break has not been declared. In a full looseleaf publication, this forces a leaf break, and a blank page may be inserted to ensure that any following content begins on an odd numbered page. You can now set the implied break to page if you do not want TopLeaf to insert a blank page each time the page orientation changes.

Accessing user help when inserting custom commands

(bug 3173) You can use the Help button to display the documentation for a custom command accessed from the Map Editor Insert Code dialog.

Re-ordering PDF profiles

(bug 3175) The order of PDF profiles can be changed by using the up and down buttons to change the position of the selected profile.

Expanding the page layout print area

(bug 3176) All blocks in a page layout must be within the region defined by the print area block. You can now expand the print area to accommodate a new or modified block.

Process short segments using short page optimisation

(bug 3177) A short page occurs when a single line paragraph is positioned at the start of a page and is followed immediately by a page change or a content break. You can use short page optimisation to help minimise the occurrence of short pages.

Undoing block changes within page layouts

(bug 3179) Each page type keeps a history of changes made to blocks. The Edit menu allows you to undo and redo changes made to block size and position.

Stylesheet compilation

(bug 3180) Before each composition run, TopLeaf inspects the modification times of the stylesheet files and recompiles them if they appear to be out of date. If the modification times are incorrect (if, for example, files have been copied from another machine) you can force a stylesheet compilation from the TopLeaf GUI.

Adding comments to mappings

(bug 3182) The Mapping Editor Comments tab declares a set of comments associated with a mapping. Comments are unformatted text that can be used for any purpose, such as documentation or reminders. You can disable or enable this option from the Mapping Editor General Preferences

Importing from an existing TopLeaf stylesheet

(bug 3184) If you already have a TopLeaf publication with the same or similar stylesheet, you can use that stylesheet as the basis for a new publication. Note that if the folder from which you are importing a stylesheet does not appear to contain a valid publication a warning dialog will be displayed.

Bug fixes

Unexpected table cell step alignment

(bug 3160) In some circumstances, the position of table entries rendered with cell step alignment was incorrect.

Missing hyphen at end of leaf

(bug 3168) TopLeaf failed to track the correct end of leaf hyphenation state if data block link lines were enabled.

Incorrect leaf boundary position after processing nested <read/>

(bug 3171) When rendering a full looseleaf partition, content was read from multiple files using a nested <read/> directive. A leaf boundary was positioned incorrectly after publishing the partition.

Auto table headers on blank back pages

(bug 3172) In a full looseleaf publication, if the blank back page type is not defined, an intentionally blank page is rendered using the currently selected page type. When this occurred, automatically generated table headers were incorrectly rendered on a blank back page.

Unexpected font style applied

(bug 3178) In some circumstances, the default font style declared in the $document mapping was not honored.

Resizing problems when manual data layout selected

(bug 3181) In the Layout Editor, some resizing problems when Automatic Data Layout mode is disabled have been corrected.

Bind to following request not honoured

(bug 3183) A bind to following paragraph request was followed by a page change triggered from a start tag mapping. The bind was not honoured.

Incorrect vertical spacing when repositioning paragraphs

(bug 3185) When paragraph repositioning rules, the amount of vertical space removed from between lines cannot exceed the line incremental leading.

String information and transformations

(bug 3186) Entity references are expanded before retrieving string information or before applying a string transformation. The LENGTH and WORDCOUNT string information requests now return 0 when processing an empty string.

Assigning a value to a user variable

(bug 3188) When assigning a value to a user variable, numbers with a fractional component are allowed for measurements that include an explicit measurement unit, but the fractional part is ignored if no measurement unit is present.

Fatal error when using "em" in a mapping property variable

(bug 3189) A reference to an "em" measure from within the Mapping Editor paragraph tab was incorrectly reported as a fatal error.

Cancelling a data load within the Mapping Assistant

(bug 3190) While the Mapping Assistant is loading the styled document content a dialog is displayed with a button to cancel the load. It is only possible to cancel the loading process while the parse is in progress.