Date of release: 2017-12-20


The following enhancements were applied in this build.

Orphaned paragraphs and short pages

(bug 3126) You can enable a set of repositioning rules to help minimise the occurrence of orphaned paragraphs and short pages.

Footnote identifiers

(bug 3143) TopLeaf defines a unique footnote identifier for each footnote instance. You can use this identifier in a marker mapping to pass information from the footnote reference mapping to the associated footnote label mapping.

Importing mappings from another stylesheet

(bug 3157) You can import mappings contained in another stylesheet or generated from a CSS stylesheet or XML document. By default, any mapping that matches an existing mapping will be overwritten.

Bug Fixes

The following bug fixes were applied in this build.

Double column page footnotes incorrectly enabled

(bug 3147) Double column page footnotes were incorrectly enabled if a page layout specified a sidenote block with no width.

Duplicate table header

(bug 3148) In some circumstances, the outermost table header in a CALS table was rendered twice at the top of a page.

Remove unused format files from GUI navigation pane

(bug 3149) Access to legacy format file components has been removed from the TopLeaf GUI navigation pane for publications that use XML stylesheets.

Unexpected errors when processing footnote merge

(bug 3150) A footnote merge instructs TopLeaf to identify identical footnotes with the same footnote reference marker and suppress the duplicate note content. In some circumstances, one or more unexpected errors were reported when creating the canonicalized note content.

Logging of <xmlproc/> messages

(bug 3152) An error will only be reported when analyzing the content of an XML fragment if the XPath processing request fails.

Incorrect PDF profile names displayed

(bug 3154) In some circumstances, incorrect PDF profile names were displayed if a PDF configuration file was not present.

Position of page or leaf boundary position when processing an XML fragment

(bug 3156)When the output generated by processing an XML fragment spans a full looseleaf page or leaf boundary, the boundary is always positioned after the rendered content.

Abnormal exit when processing '>' within scanned content

(bug 3158) The content of a scanned element contained a child element of the same name and included a U+003E (GREATER-THAN SIGN). The TopLeaf composition engine generated an abnormal exit.

Positioning inside and outside sidenotes in RTL mode

(bug 3159) RTL document directionality imposes some restrictions when selecting left and right page layouts.

Incorrect data block allocation order

(bug 3161) In some circumstances, the data block allocation order on the first output page was incorrect when processing content rendered using RTL document directionality.

Generated content is missing

(bug 3163) Items defined as generated content were assigned between two successive page change requests. The items were not included in the extracted generated content file.

Incorrectly positioned crop markers

(bug 3165) The position of crop marks was incorrect when processing content rendered using RTL document directionality.

Footnote merge fails if note content contains commands

(bug 3166) When a footnote merge is enabled you must ensure that any note content assigned from within a custom marker mapping does not contain custom commands.

Custom code analyzer does not ignore deleted mappings

(bug 3167) The Custom code analyzer did not ignore deleted mappings when displaying stylesheet custom markers and user variables.