Date of release: 2017-10-23


The following enhancement was applied in this build.

Find in custom code

(bug 3107) A text search facility has been added to the Map Manager custom content editor.

Bug Fixes

The following bug fixes were applied in this build.

Valid characters in repository level names

(bug 3136) The TopLeaf API now checks the validity of characters defined within a repository level name.

Incorrect column width assumed when processing table column specification

(bug 3137) A CALS table <colspec/> contained white space characters between the width value and the value type. The column width was interpreted as a proportional measure.

Unexpected binding error

(bug 3140) The TopLeaf composition engine generated an unexpected binding error when processing a page containing a graphic and a block of single line paragraphs.

Compilation of stylesheets with no embedded scheme

(bug 3141) In some circumstances, TopLeaf invoked an unnecessary stylesheet compilation when processing a stylesheet that did not define a typeface selection scheme.

Ambiguous warning message when exporting live pages list

(bug 3142) When exporting a live pages list for a change pages looseleaf partition, TopLeaf generated an ambiguous warning if the partition page set contained a duplicate page identifier.

Cannot define a leaf indicator

(bug 3144) Leaf Indicators are a facility for holding text associated with the leaves of a full looseleaf partition. An attempt to declare a leaf indicator from the TopLeaf GUI generated an unexpected error.

Cannot render presentational forms for Arabic combining characters

(bug 3145) In some circumstances, a sequence of Arabic combining characters was mapped to an incorrect Unicode presentational form.