Date of release: 2017-06-28


The following enhancement was applied in this build.

Sharing stylesheets between non-looseleaf publications

(bug 3101) By default, both source and compiled stylesheet files are created in a TopLeaf publication folder. You can also share a stylesheet between non-looseleaf publications by repositioning the stylesheet source files in a higher level directory.

Bug Fixes

The following bug fixes were applied in this build.

Incorrect implied content model when scanning an embedded tag

(bug 644) In some circumstances, an incorrect content model was assumed when scanning content containing an embedded instance of the scanned tag.

Do not include legacy command declarations

(bug 3113) The TopLeaf composition engine no longer includes a set of obsolete legacy commands when loading a TopLeaf XML stylesheet.

Tables not rendered within secondary transformations

(bug 3114) TopLeaf did not declare the table model when writing tabular content to the secondary output transformation file. Tables within secondary transformations were not rendered.

Percentage column widths ignored in CALS tables

(bug 3115) In a CALS table, the column widths were expressed as percentages. The percentage widths were ignored if the total percentages did not equal 100.

Page boundary marker is not removed when processing XML fragment

(bug 3116) A page boundary marker positioned at the end of a leaf was not removed when processing a scanned XML fragment.

Embedded tag not recognised if scanned content includes a comment

(bug 3118) The content of a scanned tag contained an embedded instance of the same scanned tag. If a comment was processed immediately before the start of the embedded tag, the scan ended prematurely at the end of the embedded tag level.