Date of release: 2017-06-08


The following enhancements were applied in this build.

CALS table support

(bug 2934) The use of <colspec/> within a <thead> element or <entrytbl/> element is now supported. The interpretation of the <colspec/> element and <spanspec/> element is now more closely aligned with the usage described in the supported CALS specification.

Repository dialog improvements

(bug 3089) Some code efficiencies have been applied when accessing the content of a repository from the TopLeaf GUI.

Data block link lines

(bug 3098) You can specify a vertical alignment and the preferred page side when rendering a data block link line in a full looseleaf partition.

Custom code analyzer

(bug 3103) Some minor usage improvements have been applied to the Mapping Editor custom code analyzer.

Assigning metadata properties

(bug 3104) Metadata properties can be created during composition to control subsequent processing such as PDF creation or secondary transforms. You can use the <meta/> command to assign a metadata property.

Opening a partition from the command line

(bug 3109, 3112) When calling the TopLeaf GUI from a command line, you can specify a path to a partition located within the current TopLeaf repository. For example, by creating a shortcut to the TopLeaf GUI in the Windows Send to folder, you can use Windows Explorer to navigate to and open a partition.

List of recent partitions

(bug 3110) Up to 10 recently opened partition names may be listed above the TopLeaf GUI Exit command.

Bug Fixes

The following bug fixes were applied in this build.

Mapping table row vertical spans

(bug 1973) When TopLeaf processes a CALS or HTML table, an internal transformation is applied to multi-row table headers and table row vertical spans. As a consequence, it is only possible to possible to map the first row tag declared in a multi-row table header or vertical span.

Unexpected differences when rendering breakable and unbreakable boxes

(bug 2033) Some unexpected alignment and vertical spacing differences appeared when rendering tables within a breakable or unbreakable box.

Variable expressions in conditional commands

(bug 3052) When processing a conditional command, the name of the variable being tested may contain, but should not start with a variable reference. All references to variables within the named variable are expanded before the test is applied.

Compiled stylesheet files

(bug 3085) A stylesheet compiled on Linux now records the TopLeaf user licence number.

Font processing error

(bug 3041, 3091) TopLeaf generated an abnormal exit when processing a font that did not declare a full set of glyphs in the code point range [ U+0000 - U+007F].

Variables in quotes not expanded in string assignment

(bug 3093) A string value assigned to a variable contained a reference to a variable that was enclosed within quotes. The referenced variable was not resolved.

Unexpected error when scanning processing instruction

(bug 3094) TopLeaf generated an unexpected error when scanning a processing instruction that included a -- character sequence.

Removal of obsolete GUI export option

(bug 3095) An option to export a page file list has been removed from the TopLeaf GUI File » Export … menu.

Incorrect binding when processing full looseleaf partition

(bug 3096) When typesetting a full looseleaf partition, an implied binding was incorrectly applied when processing a bind to next request.

Unexpected secondary transform failure when processing invalid tag

(bug 3097) A secondary transformation failed when processing a custom marker tag that specified a duplicate attribute declaration.

Incorrectly positioned leaf boundary

(bug 3100) When publishing a full looseleaf partition, a leaf boundary was incorrectly positioned if a leaf contained a nested table or ended with a hyphen.

Format options dialog

(bug 3105) The TopLeaf GUI Options dialog did not record rule widths less than 0.5pt. An interlock now prevents the dialog from opening if the Mapping Editor is running.

Incorrect line measure applied to last line of paragraph

(bug 3108) In some circumstances, the measure calculated for the last line of a paragraph was incorrect.

Stylesheet options file is deleted

(bug 3111) In some circumstances, simultaneously composing two or more partitions within the same publication caused the stylesheet options file to be deleted.