Date of release: 2017-04-21


The following enhancements were applied in this build.

Inspection of page and leaf properties

(bug 3042) The Page Properties option has been removed from the TopLeaf GUI Page menu. The page or leaf properties can be inspected from the TopLeaf GUI Preview pane.

Table cell indents

(bug 3058, 3059) The <cell-properties/> directive can be used to set the table cell left and right indents and table cell border styles.

Data block link lines

(bug 3070) TopLeaf supports the inclusion of full looseleaf link lines in either a fixed block or a data block.

Allow ancestor name in mapping attribute selector

(bug 3075) When creating a tag mapping, the tag@attribute="value" selector path can be used to reference an attribute defined in the closest ancestor named tag.

Split page footnote separator

(bug 3080) By default, TopLeaf will only include a page footnote separator when body text content and footnote content appear on the same page. This means that a note separator mapping will not be applied if the content of a page consists entirely of a split footnote. You can use the <note-properties /> directive to override this behaviour.

Bug Fixes

The following bug fixes were applied in this build.

Using tag occurrence within vertically spanned table rows

(bug 2396) The processing of rows in table headers or within vertical row spans can affect the calculation of occurrence values. This means that it is not always possible to map the occurrence of table rows and cells.

Incorrect line leading when processing a paragraph inline mapping

(bug 2840) An incorrect line leading was applied to a paragraph that was rendered using an inline mapping and that was bound to a following paragraph.

Mapping Assistant failed when processing a bad table row vertical span

(bug 2936) When processing an invalid HTML table row, TopLeaf generated a badly formed data file referenced by the Mapping Assistant and secondary transforms.

Image placement is incorrect

(bug 3050) Topleaf ignored the current binding constraints when resizing a graphic to fit within a data column.

Incorrect paragraph left margin

(bug 3055) In some circumstances, TopLeaf generated an incorrect paragraph left margin if the width of a paragraph label was equal to the width of the paragraph label offset.

Setting the label minimum gap and minimum depth

(bug 3056) A zero width minimum gap or zero width minimum depth declared in a label mapping was assumed to be undefined.

Clarification of Type 1 font support

(bug 3057) Topleaf support for Type 1 fonts on both Windows and Linux platforms is limited.

SVG image sizing

(bug 3062) TopLeaf did not recognise the em or ex unit identifiers when determining the size of an SVG image.

Breakable fixed width space becomes unbreakable

(bug 3063) TopLeaf failed to render a breakable fixed width <space/> if the content of the mapped tag was processed as element content.

Abnormal exit if processing instruction declared in a table row

(bug 3066) The Topleaf composition engine generated an abnormal exit when processing an HTML table row that did not declare cell content but contained a processing instruction.

TopLeaf libraries not found on PATH

(bug 3067) On some Windows 7 installations, a PATH that contained folder paths enclosed in quotes caused a problem for the DLL linker.

Link target fails when linking to table tag

(bug 3071) In TopLeaf, the processing of all recognised CALS or HTML table element names is case insensitive. TopLeaf generated an invalid link target for a link associated with a table element name.

Mapping Editor did not remove typeface schemes when the last scheme was removed

(bug 3072) The Mapping Editor did not remove the typeface selection schemes table if the last scheme was removed.

Rotated text does not appear in secondary transform/assistant input

(bug 3073) The content processed by a <rotate-text/> directive does not appear in secondary transformed output or when viewed using the Mapping Assistant.

Incorrect output generated for empty rotated text

(bug 3074) A <rotate-text/> directive referenced an undefined variable. The rendered output was incorrect.

Unexpected page footnote error when processing legacy style sheet

(bug 3076) An unexpected page footnote error was raised when processing a TopLeaf 6.0 legacy style sheet.

Multiple blank lines rendered as a single line

(bug 3077) Two or more consecutive paragraphs were declared, with each paragraph consisting of a unbreakable space. The paragraphs were rendered as a single line if processed at the start of a page.

Character entity references not processed in release label

(bug 3078) Character entity references declared within a partition release label were not resolved when creating the initial published page set for a manually leaf split document.

Clarification of maximum number of point page levels

(bug 3079) The TopLeaf full looseleaf publishing model supports a primary folio index and up to 4 additional point page levels. The exception is the 999(ab) page folio format, which supports a primary folio index and one additional point page.

Composition engine timeout when vertically aligning content

(bug 3081) In some circumstances, TopLeaf triggered a program timeout when vertically aligning the content of a page that contained a split table row.

Data layout options did not always override block settings

(bug 3082) In some cases where the page layout data block options were not set to Individual, the compiled data block status was set incorrectly.

Note that this could have an impact on looseleaf publications, since options such as vertical spreading may be changed to their correct value when the layout is modified.

Incorrect folio assigned to 999(ab) point pages

(bug 3083) When the content of a changed leaf was typeset, TopLeaf generated more than 52 additional point pages. The point page folios were incorrect if the 999(ab) page folio format was selected.

Error if page folio length exceeds permitted maximum

(bug 3084) For full looseleaf content managed using a partition based numbering scheme, the maximum length of a page folio, including folio level separators, must not exceed 32 characters. For full looseleaf content managed using a section based numbering scheme, the combined length of the section prefix and sequence number, including folio level separators, must not exceed 32 characters.

Page change ignored when processing legacy style sheet

(bug 3087) In some circumstances, TopLeaf ignored a request to change the current page type when processing a TopLeaf 6.0 legacy style sheet.