Date of release: 2017-01-24


The following enhancements were applied in this build.

Creating a list of telltales declared within a page

(bug 3018) For a data telltale of type N, the <set/> command list data telltale mode creates a string consisting of all data telltales values declared on a page and assigns it to a user variable.

Improvements to hyphenation

(bug 3023) TopLeaf will not attempt to hyphenate a word if the number of letter characters in that word is less than the length of the smallest word that will be considered for hyphenation.

Disabling stylesheet mappings

(bug 3028) A mapping can be disabled to prevent it from being selected during composition. This allows you to temporarily remove a mapping from a stylesheet, such as for debugging or to test the effect of other mappings.

Overriding the line breaking rules

(bug 3031) This build allows you to override the line breaking rules that control when TopLeaf is permitted to insert a word break after a designated word break character.

Extend use of bracket pair level separators to all stroke page formats

(bug 3034) In a full looseleaf partition, each page folio specifies a primary folio index and up to 4 additional point page levels. The point page level separator identifies either a single punctuation character inserted before each point page level or a bracket character pair that encloses each point page level.

Improved JPEG image support

(bug 3045) TopLeaf now supports JPEG images that use the Exif format.

Conditionally testing if an attribute exists

(bug 3053) When conditional testing for the existence of an attribute variable, the conditional test is now only true if the associated attribute is explicitly declared in the tag or marker currently being mapped.

Bug Fixes

The following bug fixes were applied in this build.

Table headers not cancelled

(bug 3015) An outermost CALS table header was declared within a nested table. The table header was not automatically cancelled.

Unexpected vertical spreading between table rows

(bug 3016) Vertical spreading was incorrectly applied between the table rows of an unsplittable table, causing the vertical rules of the table frame to fragment.

Missing table frame rule

(bug 3017) In some circumstances, the table frame rule above the first cell in a table continuation header was not rendered.

Mainwork declares unexpected leaf groups on forced end of leaf

(bug 3020) TopLeaf incorrectly flagged the start of a leaf group when processing a forced leaf break in a full looseleaf partition mainwork.

Disable paragraph tab for table and row mappings

(bug 3021) The Mapping Editor paragraph tab is automatically disabled when processing a CALS or HTML table or row mapping.

Widow/orphan settings ignored when processing split table row

(bug 3022) The paragraph widow and orphan settings are now honored when determining where the content of a split table row is permitted to split.

Unexpected breakable space after line break

(bug 3025) A fixed width breakable space was not suppressed when positioned immediately after a line break.

Hyphenation not applied if word follows an unbreakable space

(bug 3027) TopLeaf did not search for an alternative hyphenation break point if the last word on a line could not be hyphenated and where that word was preceded by a non-breaking space.

Incorrect widow/orphan binding within breakable box

(bug 3029) An incorrect implicit binding was applied when processing widow and orphans lines within the context of a breakable box.

Word break characters not honoured

(bug 3030) A user defined word break character declaration included the code point U+002C (COMMA). The word break character declaration was ignored.

Unexpected warning when processing inline root element mapping

(bug 3032) TopLeaf generated an unexpected warning if the document root element was processed using an inline mapping.

Abnormal exit when processing an undefined table column name

(bug 3033) TopLeaf generated an abnormal exit when processing a CALS table cell that referenced an undefined column specification.

Paragraph binding not honored when referencing split page footnote

(bug 3035) A content binding was ignored if the bound region contained a reference to a split page footnote.

Incorrect value reported within composition log file

(bug 3036) In the TopLeaf composition log, a warning for a negative left indent incorrectly reported the value of the effective left margin.

Ignore reset margins in Mapping Editor note mappings

(bug 3037) In a Mapping Editor note mapping, the paragraph tab was incorrectly shown as changed if the reset margins control was checked.

Incorrect position of leaf boundary after processing a column break

(bug 3040) In a full looseleaf update, a page break was forced by applying a column break. When the partition was published, the calculated position of a leaf boundary was incorrect.

Incorrect font applied after processing a link line

(bug 3046) In some circumstances, TopLeaf failed to select the correct font after processing a link line fixed block.

Error processing an empty table row

(bug 3047) TopLeaf generated an abnormal exit when processing a CALS table row that contained no table cells.

Error when processing a duplicate page footnote

(bug 3048) TopLeaf generated an abnormal exit when it attempted to split the content of a merged duplicate page footnote.

Rename legacy footnote mapping when upgrading stylesheet

(bug 3054) A legacy footnote stylesheet rule was not renamed when applying a stylesheet upgrade.