Date of release: 2016-10-03 (not distributed)


No enhancements were applied in this build.

Bug Fixes

The following bug fixes were applied.

Presentational forms incorrect when processing U+0621

(bug 3006) In some circumstances, the TopLeaf bidirectional processor selected an incorrect presentational form when processing the code point U+0621 (ARABIC HAMZA).

Limit nesting depth of elements

(bug 3007) The max-tagdepth property in the <topleaf-properties /> command specifies the maximum depth to which tags and custom markers may be nested.

Incorrect section identifier assigned at start of leaf section

(bug 3008) When processing a leaf section in a full looseleaf update release, the section identifier for the current leaf was incorrectly assigned to the first leaf of the following section.

Value changed incorrectly in Mapping Editor combo box

(bug 3010) If a value was changed in a Mapping Editor editable combo box (such as the Path field in the Image tab) selecting a different mapping incorrectly copied the value to the new mapping.

TOC entries from stroke pages not included in generated table of contents

(bug 3011) Table of contents entries declared within a point page leaf created for a full looseleaf update release were not included in a generated table of contents.

GUI progress bar is not updated when locating leaf boundaries

(bug 3012) When replacing the contents of a full looseleaf update, TopLeaf automatically locates the position of the existing leaf boundaries before re-creating the document leaf set. The TopLeaf GUI failed to show the progress of this operation when processing large partition documents.

Unexpected leaves flagged by looseleaf input differencing

(bug 3013) TopLeaf applies a set of input leaf comparison rules to determine changes to the content of a full looseleaf document. In some circumstances, the presence of white space at the start of a tag level flagged the leaf as changed, even when there was no significant change to the leaf content.