Date of release: 2016-09-12


The following enhancements were applied in this build.

Mapping display order

(bugs 2997) In the Mapping Editor, Tag and custom mappings may be grouped by target tag and displayed in order of precedence (highest precedence first) or in alphabetical order by name. This is the default display order. You can set the preferred display order from the Mapping Editor General preferences dialog.

Persian RTL support

(bug 3004) The TopLeaf bidirectional processor now supports the processing of Persian language content.

Processing the content of a scanned top level table tag

(bug 3005) The scanned <content/> for a top level table tag mapping may be processed by either passing that content to a Perl extension or by assigning it to an XML fragment for use with the <xmlproc/> command.

Bug Fixes

The following bug fixes were applied in this build.

Incorrect presentation order when processing neutral characters

(bug 2897) The TopLeaf bidirectional processor incorrectly resolved the presentation order of neutral characters that were positioned between adjacent LTR and RTL directional runs.

Incorrect direction assumed at start of overflow line

(bug 2898) When processing bidirectional content, a line within a multi-line paragraph ended with a neutral character. The assigned initial direction at the start of the following line was incorrect.

Breakable box bottom frame does not bind to enclosed content

(bug 2983) A breakable box ended immediately after an enclosed table. The box bottom frame for the breakable box failed to bind to the end of the table and was rendered on the following page.

Bind to last row of table is not honoured

(bug 2986) A bind between the last row of a table and a following paragraph was not honoured.

Unexpected warning if a forced break occurs within a breakable box

(bug 2988) TopLeaf generated an unexpected warning when a page content break was applied within the context of a breakable box.

Abnormal exit when processing unbreakable space

(bug 2991) In some circumstances, the TopLeaf composition engine generated an abnormal exit when processing an unbreakable space.

Incorrect sidenote alignment at start of table

(bug 2993) A sidenote declared at the start of a table was incorrectly aligned with the inter-paragraph space above the table.

Word breaking characters ignored when processing bidirectional content

(bug 2996) TopLeaf incorrectly processed all neutral characters as word break characters when processing the content of a paragraph rendered with RTL directionality.

Incorrect alignment when processing RTL paragraph

(bug 2998) In some circumstances, the alignment of paragraphs rendered with RTL directionality was incorrect.

Page comparison error is not reported

(bug 2999) A page comparison error was reported in the composition log file, but the TopLeaf API failed to indicate the error status if the partition properties declared one or more automatic export files.

Composition engine timeout when processing page footnote

(bug 3001) The TopLeaf composition engine generated a timeout if split page footnote processing was disabled and the depth of a page footnote exceeded the depth of an output page.

Nesting a breakable box within a breakable box

(bug 3002) TopLeaf now generates an error if an attempt is made to nest a breakable box within a breakable box.

Prescan fails when processing non UTF-8 documents

(bug 3003) The TopLeaf composition engine pre-scan failed when processing an XML document that declared a single byte encoding (for example, ISO-8859-1).