Date of release: 2016-07-27


The following enhancements were applied in this build.

Alignment of single line paragraphs

(bug 2675) You can now set the alignment applied by a mapping when the content of a paragraph is rendered within a single line.

Custom code analyzer improvements

(bug 2950) When the Mapping Editor Highlight unused/unset items preference is checked the Custom code analyzer will highlight any items which are not used or do not have a value set.

Mapping editor improvements

(bugs 2955, 2966, 2974) When the Mapping editor Show edited icons on tabs preference is checked an icon will be added to a mapping tab if any of its properties have a non-default value.

Changing the name of a typeface scheme

(bug 2963) The typeface scheme editor now supports the renaming of an existing scheme.

Override boundary marker mode when updating content

(bug 2967) The TopLeaf API now allows you to override of the leaf boundary markers partition property when updating the content of a full looseleaf partition.

Enable back-tracking for mapping path selection

(bug 2976) A restriction when processing complex tag-in-context mapping paths has been removed.

Bug Fixes

The following bug fixes were applied in this build.

Namespace definitions not retained in scanned tags

(bug 2791) When a tag is scanned any namespace definitions that are in effect remain valid if the scanned content is emitted within a different context.

Table scanning restrictions

(bug 2957) A list of table scanning restrictions have been added to the User Guide.

Incorrect style for float references

(bug 2968) The style of a float reference was displayed incorrectly within the Mapping Assistant.

Binding ignored when processing split page footnote

(bug 2970) In some circumstances, an implicit binding was ignored when processing a reference to a split page footnote.

Footnote not rendered

(bug 2971) A footnote was not rendered if multiple footnotes were referenced from within the same split table row.

Quotes within a processing instruction cause scanning to fail

(bug 2972) An attempt to scan element content failed if the element content contained a processing instruction that included a quote character.

Corrupted rotated text

(bug 2973) The content of rotated text was corrupted if it began with a non-ASCII code point.

Unexpected error when disabling split footnote processing

(bug 2975) The composition engine generated an unexpected error if split footnote processing was explicitly disabled by the <note-properties /> command.

Error importing CSS stylesheet

(bug 2977) An attempt to import a CSS stylesheet failed if an attribute selector was used for an ancestor of an element with a pseudo content selector.

Error processing legacy table style

(bug 2979) The composition engine generated an abnormal exit when initialising a legacy table style before ending the current paragraph.

Incorrect figure bind in DITA stylesheet

(bug 2980) The demonstration DITA book stylesheet declared an incorrect bind to next on the figure title mapping.

Properties set when selecting the current partition

(bug 2982) The TopLeaf API scripting interface now sets the Phase and ComposeStatus properties when the path to the current partition is changed.

Disable import and scheme edit in map editor if read-only

(bug 2985) The import and scheme editing functions are now disabled when the Mapping Editor is opened in read-only mode.

Incorrect display of rotated text

(bug 2987) The content of a rotated fixed block was not rendered correctly within the TopLeaf GUI preview pane.

Unexpected error when creating PDF output

(bug 2989) In some circumstances, the PDF builder failed when using a relative path for the output file.

Cannot update typesetting indicators

(bug 2990) The TopLeaf API TLsetmode library call failed to update the typesetting indicators.