Date of release: 2016-05-01


The following enhancements were applied in this build.

Allow selection of multiple files on graphic import

(bug 2941) The Import Stylesheet Images option allows you to select one or more image files and copy them into the graphics folder of the publication.

Creating and modifying typeface selection schemes

(bug 2948) The Mapping Editor contains an option for creating and modifying typeface selection schemes. The scheme editor will modify the embedded schemes if they are found, or look for an external file if not. If neither are found a new set of embedded schemes will be created.

Bug Fixes

The following bug fixes were applied in this build.

Malformed attributes not reported

(bug 2868) Start tags that do not declare a space before an attribute name are now reported as badly formed.

Value of <page-info> current-width is incorrect

(bug 2909) In some circumstances, the <page-info/> directive returned an incorrect value for the currently available measure.

Normalise space in EPUB table of contents

(bug 2922) White space is now normalised within table of contents entries generated for an EPUB secondary transformation.

Unexpected newline after published leaf boundary marker

(bug 2924) An unexpected newline was generated when publishing a full looseleaf partition.

Switch to custom content tab when displaying invalid content

(bug 2926) The Mapping Editor now selects the Custom tab if a user customisation contains invalid content.

Incorrectly formatted initial release label

(bug 2927) An incorrect width was assigned to a leaf specific release label within baseline output pages created for a manually leaf split full looseleaf partition. The release label was not formatted correctly when rendered by the TopLeaf workstation previewer. You must recreate the baseline output page set to correct this fault in partitions that were manually leaf split using TopLeaf 8.0.012. This fault does not apply to PDF documents created by TopLeaf.

SVG conversion can fail when using a non-Oracle JRE

(bug 2928) In some circumstances, the PDF builder can fail when process an SVG file if a non-Oracle Java run-time is selected for use by TopLeaf. Contact Turn-Key support if you require more information.

TopLeaf workstation page preview zoom settings

(bug 2930) The TopLeaf workstation now stores and retrieves the current page preview magnification factor from the Windows registry.

Changing custom font did not adjust non-displayable characters

(bug 2931) The content of a user customisation is now reloaded if the font used to display that content is modified from the Mapping Editor custom preferences dialog.

Initial leaf boundary hyphenation status is discarded

(bug 2932) In a full looseleaf publication, the initial leaf boundary hyphenation status was not retained between releases if the rendered leaf content consisted of a right hand page and a blank back page.

Secondary transformation fails when processing malformed CALS table

(bug 2933) The creation of a secondary output failed when processing a malformed CALS table.

Unexpected full looseleaf validation error

(bug 2939) A full looseleaf partition was published. TopLeaf generated a validation error if the document content declared a processing instruction that contained an odd number of quotation mark characters (U+0022).

Template inheritance not updated correctly after an undo

(bug 2940) In the Page Layout Editor, the layout template status was not fully reset after processing an undo request.

Ignore partition name in initial leaf boundary declaration

(bug 2942) A partition name declared within an initial leaf boundary is now ignored when applying a manual leaf split.

Rendering of table columns within secondary outputs

(bug 2952) The usecolwidths property controls when column widths are added to tables in HTML and CHM secondary transformations.

Inconsistent CHM secondary transform enable/disable state

(bug 2953) The option to generate a CHM (Compiled Help) secondary output was always enabled in the TopLeaf workstation File >> Transform To menu.

Setting transform properties from the TopLeaf workstation

(bug 2954) The TopLeaf workstation secondary transform dialog did not allow an implied option for some properties, with the result that the dialog property assignment always overrode the corresponding properties set by metadata values.

Secondary outputs listed in TopLeaf partition exports

(bug 2956) All built-in secondary transformations have been added to the partition properties exports tab.

Duplicate files error when processing tekReader secondary transformation

(bug 2959) In some circumstances, an attempt to generate a tekReader secondary output failed after processing a duplicate file.