Date of release: 2016-02-28


The following enhancements were applied in this build.

Content binding properties

(bug 2772) You can use the <binding-properties/> directive to ensure that bound content spanning one or more internal boundaries always appears on the same page or if column breaks are permitted when allocating bound content to a page.

Improved selection of blocks within page layouts

(bug 2903) In the Page Layout Editor, shift-click can be used to make it easier to select thin or hidden blocks.

Generation of CHM files

(bug 2906) CHM (HTML Help) secondary output files can be built from the same stylesheet rules used to create paginated output.

Declaring leaf specific release labels in an initial release

(bug 2913) A leaf specific release label can be declared for each leaf when importing an initial set of leaves to a full looseleaf partition.

Vertical alignment within Headers and Footers

(bug 2914) A Header or Footer mapping can now set the Vertical align property to control the way excess vertical space is distributed within a page.

Converting numbers to a formatted string

(bug 2915) The <format/> command converts one or more numbers into a formatted string. The result can either be processed as input or assigned to a variable.

Bug Fixes

The following bug fixes were applied in this build.

Comma causes release-properties label to be ignored

(bug 2901) A label declared by the <release-properties/> directive was ignored if the label contained a comma.

Remove inconsistences in entity reference parsing

(bug 2902) Some inconsistences were noted when parsing entity references in the stylesheet compiler and Mapping Editor. These have been removed.

Secondary transforms now honour xml:space

(bug 2908) Secondary transformations now honour the xml:space="preserve" attribute within input content.

Incorrect leaf split if table header content is hyphenated

(bug 2912) In a full looseleaf partition, the output for a leaf declared a table header that contained a hyphenated line. When the next update was created, the leaf content was allocated incorrectly.

Set default based-on for mappings created in the assistant

(bug 2916) In the Mapping Assistant, the Based on selector allows you to copy properties from an existing mapping into the new mapping. This will default to the mapping applied to the selected element.

Table header and body styles could not be set to {inherit} in $document mapping

(bug 2917) In the Mapping Editor, Table header and body styles could not be set to {inherit} in the $document mapping.

Add diagnostic when processing an SVG image with no size

(bug 2918) TopLeaf now reports an error it is unable to determine the size of an SVG image.

Incorrect leaf split when processing empty tag at end of leaf

(bug 2920) In some circumstances, TopLeaf generated an incorrect leaf split after processing an empty tag positioned immediately before a leaf boundary.