Date of release: 2016-01-04


The following enhancements were applied in this build.

Improvements to PDF output

(bug 2782) The order of content within output pages has been modified to make it easier to search and select content, or navigate through PDF output created by TopLeaf.

Bug Fixes

The following bug fixes were applied in this build.

Defaults for table style properties

(bug 2853) The col-sep and row-sep table style properties now default to yes.

Minimum segment split height is ignored

(bug 2895) The minimum segment split height specifies the minimum amount of content that must be allocated to both the current and following page when splitting the content of a segment. A request to override the default minimum split height was ignored.

Incorrect value returned for a data telltale

(bug 2896) In some circumstances, the composition engine failed to retrieve the value assigned to a data telltale.

Incorrect paragraph style after processing inline leaf boundary

(bug 2899) In a full looseleaf partition, a leaf boundary was positioned within a paragraph. The partition was published, and the next update was typeset. The paragraph styling applied after the leaf boundary was incorrect.

Unexpected space within box

(bug 2900) In some circumstances, the depth of a box bottom indent was incorrect.