Date of release: 2015-11-30


The following enhancements were applied in this build.

GUI default dialog font

(bug 2859) The Topleaf GUI default dialog font has been modified.

Highlight variable references within custom content

(bug 2862) The Mapping Editor now highlights references to variables when editing custom content.

White space removal at end of a leaf

(bug 2885) TopLeaf now removes trailing white space between the last character in a leaf and an initial leaf boundary when manually leaf splitting a full looseleaf mainwork.

Custom code analyzer

(bug 2886) The Mapping Editor custom code analyzer provides a list of the custom markers and user variables declared within a stylesheet, together with the mappings from which they are referenced.

Page footnote reference binding

(bug 2889) If page footnote splitting is enabled, and one or more page footnotes are referenced from a group of lines that are bound together, you can choose whether to position a page footnote on a page that follows the footnote reference.

[Warning] Warning

In previous builds, when footnote splitting was enabled, TopLeaf was permitted to split any page footnote referenced from the same bound region, allowing footnotes to be positioned on a page that followed the footnote reference. This is no longer the default behaviour.

Bug Fixes

The following bug fixes were applied in this build.

Tables within secondary transformation file are not well formed

(bug 2864) An attempt to create a secondary transformation failed because the names for some HTML table tags or CALS table tags were corrupted.

Reporting of <xmlproc/> parsing errors

(bug 2867) The TopLeaf composition engine now reports the first XML parsing error instead of the last error when processing an <xmlproc/> request.

Abnormal exit on Linux

(bug 2873) In some circumstances, TopLeaf generated an abnormal exit when processing a document with more that 6000 pages.

Incorrect API status reported after an abnormal exit

(bug 2874) The TopLeaf composition engine reported an abnormal exit after generating at least one output page. The status returned by the TopLeaf API was incorrect.

Highlighting within tags sometimes incorrect

(bug 2878) In some circumstances, the appearance of custom content displayed within the Mapping Editor was incorrect.

Do not allow space before/after = in attribute definition

(bug 2879) Whitespace is not permitted before or after an = when assigning an attribute in custom content.

Incorrect page spreading within tables

(bug 2880) The content of a table was unexpectedly spread when vertically aligning the content of a page.

Restrict color palette names to 7-bit characters

(bug 2882) Names are now restricted to 7-bit characters when creating a stylesheet color palette.

Restrict page layout names to 7-bit characters

(bug 2883) Names are now restricted to 7-bit characters when creating a page type in the Layout Editor.

Restrict PDF profile names to 7-bit characters

(bug 2884) Names are now restricted to 7-bit characters when creating a PDF profile.

User defined thin space width not honored

(bug 2888) TopLeaf did not honour the user defined thin space width when calculating the minimum horizontal measure for a string assignment.

Legacy page hold not terminated

(bug 2890) The end of a bind between page types was not detected when processing a TopLeaf 6.0 legacy style sheet.

Unexpected binding error when processing a footnote

(bug 2891) An unexpected binding error was reported when a page footnote was followed immediately by a column break.

Incorrect value returned for a data telltale

(bug 2893) In some circumstances, the composition engine failed to retrieve the value assigned to a data telltale.

Incorrect interword spacing

(bug 2894) In some circumstances, the composition engine did not use the current font size when calculating the current interword spacing.