Date of release: 2015-10-06


The following enhancements were applied in this build.

DITA integration

(bug 2754) The Replace Partition Document... command now runs the DITA pre-processing step when appropriate. An option has been added to the TopLeaf preferences to declare the path to the DITA Open Toolkit.

Typeface scheme editor

(bug 2836) A typeface selection scheme defines a set of rules that TopLeaf uses when rendering a character in the context of a mapping. The Mapping Editor contains an option for creating and modifying the selection scheme file.

Editing custom content

(bug 2861) You can now pin the Insert code dialog open when editing custom content in the Mapping Editor.

Bug Fixes

The following bug fixes were applied in this build.

A zero value in a typeface scheme range terminates the list

(bug 2841) A typeface scheme range that included a zero value was incorrectly defined.

Abnormal exit when processing comment

(bug 2846) In some circumstances, TopLeaf generated an abnormal exit when processing an XML comment.

Single column table does not column balance

(bug 2847) TopLeaf ignored a column balance request when table row splitting was enabled when processing a single column table.

Mapping Editor does not remember current image browse path

(bug 2848) The image browse path selected from the Mapping Editor is now retained.

Mapping Editor sets incorrect initial settings for Label mappings

(bug 2849) In some circumstances, the Mapping Editor did not set the Merge with following paragraph status when declaring a Label mapping.

CJK line breaking

(bug 2850) An unexpected line break error occurred when processing mixed CJK and non-CJK content.

Stylesheet compiler reported errors for zero measures with no units

(bug 2852) An error was reported if a TopLeaf stylesheet declared a zero measure.

Inconsistent default for table style properties

(bug 2853) The reset-margins and page-sep table style properties now default to yes.

HTML transform dialog contained duplicate property

(bug 2854) The newfile property was duplicated in the HTML transform dialog.

Generated targets placed in the wrong file

(bug 2855) In some circumstances, generated targets were placed in the wrong file when creating an HTML or EPUB secondary output file.

Perl call fails for arguments larger than 32K

(bug 2856) A call to a Perl extension failed if the length of an argument exceeded 32,000 characters.

Box incorrect in RTL mode

(bug 2857) A box frame and fill was positioned incorrectly if the box directionality was RTL.

Preferences dialog incorrectly displayed 64-bit Java runtimes

(bug 2858) The TopLeaf preferences dialog displayed 64-bit Java runtimes after refreshing the list of available Java runtimes.

Incorrect table cell step alignment

(bug 2860) A table cell step alignment request was ignored if the stepped table cell content consisted of a single line.

Output difference ignored

(bug 2865) In some circumstances, a change in the vertical position of unchanged content was not identified as an output change within a looseleaf partition.

Unexpected error if PI declared within scanned content

(bug 2866) TopLeaf generated an unexpected error when referencing a processing instruction defined within scanned content.

Unexpected error if PI declared within table cell

(bug 2869) TopLeaf generated an unexpected error when referencing a processing instruction defined within the context of a table cell.

Rotated text metrics incorrect when using a scheme

(bug 2870) TopLeaf calculated an incorrect width for a rotated text string when using a typeface selection scheme.

Error merging footnotes from a bound region

(bug 2871) TopLeaf generated an unexpected error when merging page footnotes referenced from a bound region.

Incorrect footnote reset after split page footnote

(bug 2872) A stylesheet issued a request to reset the page footnote numbering at the start of each page. After processing a split page footnote, the footnote numbering was incorrectly reset to 2.