Date of release: 2015-04-02


The following enhancements were applied in this build.

Mapping Assistant

(bug 2717) The Mapping Assistant is a tool that helps you determine the mapping that is applying a particular style, and to create new mappings in the context of your data. It uses information produced by the composition engine to display both the elements in the source data and the mappings used to style them.

Referencing more that one page footnote from bound content

(bug 2734) Page footnote splitting is now applied when more than one page footnote is referenced from bound content and where the combined page footnote depth exceeds the available page depth.

Bug Fixes

The following bug fixes were applied in this build.

Unexpected implicit binding within split table row

(bug 2725) Consecutive element mappings issued a bind element content request within the context of a table row. If table row splitting was enabled, the typesetting engine created an implicit bind between the two bound elements, and the row content failed to split.

Box rules drawn incorrectly when table row splits

(bug 2726) A table row containing an unbreakable box was split immediately after the box. The box frame was rendered incorrectly.

Unexpected footnote continuation block

(bug 2727) In some circumstances, a page footnote continuation block was generated when two or more page footnotes were referenced from bound content.

Linux java shared library problems

(bug 2728) When a Java program (for example, the PDF builder) uses a native library it may fail to find the correct C++ runtime library.

Unnecessary mapping occurrence tracking

(bug 2731) The typesetting engine attempted to track the occurrence of a tag emitted by a command directive.

Partition release temporary folder created in partition folder

(bug 2732) The TopLeaf API PUTDATA function created an unused temporary folder within the partition top level folder.

Unexpected column boundary warning

(bug 2735) The composition engine generated an unexpected column boundary warning when processing a blank page.

Incorrectly rendered BIDI content within inline element

(bug 2737) Some errors that occur when rendering bidirectional content within inline content have been corrected.

Fixed space widths

(bug 2738) Fixed spaces with a length greater than approximately 21.8cm were ignored.

Entities written to secondary transform file

(bug 2739) Unresolved entities were incorrectly written to the secondary output transformation file.

Embedded leaf boundaries in unchanged leaves

(bug 2740) In a full looseleaf partition, a leaf boundary that falls within scanned or transformed document content is an embedded boundary. The leaves adjacent to an embedded boundary were not composed as a single unit when neither leaf was changed or manually included and the Check all pages for output changes partition property was enabled.