Date of release: 2015-03-23


The following enhancements were applied in this build.

Referencing more that one page footnote from a single line

(bug 2718) Page footnote splitting is now applied when more than one page footnote is referenced from the same line and where the combined page footnote depth exceeds the available page depth.

Redefining the width of a thin space

(bug 2724) In TopLeaf, the width of a thin space (U+2009) is equal to the width of a 1/4 em space. You can redefine the width of a thin space if this is a requirement of your document style.

Bug Fixes

The following bug fixes were applied in this build.

Names in tags must not be coerced to lower case

(bug 2705) Tag instances copied to the secondary transform file were incorrectly forced to lowercase.

Sidenote position is incorrect

(bug 2707) The content of a sidenote was positioned incorrectly if declared at the start of a breakable box.

Binding not cancelled at column break

(bug 2713b) A column break request failed to cancel an explicit binding. The composition engine generated an error.

Page footnote does not split if processed at end of segment

(bug 2719) Page footnote splitting was not applied to a page footnote declared at the end of a data segment.

Custom content fields in Mapping Editor were sometimes shown incorrectly

(bug 2720) In some circumstances the Mapping Editor custom content fields were rendered incorrectly.

Unexpected space above data segment

(bug 2722) In some circumstances, the composition engine failed to discard a soft inter-paragraph space at the top of a page.

Partition phase not set after publishing update

(bug 2723) An API request to commit and create a new update release failed to set the partition update phase.