Date of release: 2015-03-13


The following enhancements were applied in this build.

Mapping import

(bug 2606) The Mapping Editor mapping import option can be used to selectively include mappings contained in another stylesheet or generated from a CSS stylesheet or XML document.

Add undo save to Mapping Editor

(bug 2710) Whenever mappings are saved from within the Mapping Editor, a backup copy of the previous mappings is made. The File » Undo last save action restores this backup copy. Don’t use this to undo changes made since the last save — that can be achieved simply by exiting the editor without saving.

Image processing

(bug 2695) TopLeaf now uses the FreeImage library to process images on distributions built for Windows and Linux 64 bit systems.

Bug Fixes

The following bug fixes were applied in this build.

Page footnote incorrectly split when referenced from within split table row

(bug 2690) The depth of a page footnote referenced from a split table row exceeded the depth of the current page type. The content of the page footnote was incorrectly split.

Line breaking within CJK and RTL content

(bug 2691) TopLeaf applies language specific line breaking rules when processing Chinese, Japanese, Korean and RTL content. Some errors in the Topleaf line breaking algorithm have been corrected.

Mapping Editor used wrong property value for index="xref"

(bug 2696) The xref property values were incorrectly set to upper case when updating a TopLeaf XML stylesheet.

Mapping Editor did not allow label offset for $colnote-body or $pagenote-body

(bug 2697) An attempt to set a label offset for a column footnote mapping or page footnote mapping was ignored.

Auto ID generation within tekReader secondary transformations

(bug 2698) The tekReader secondary transformation automatically generates unique identifiers for each element in the output. You can now set the identifier prefix to a known value.

Widow/orphan settings ignored when splitting table rows

(bug 2699) The table row splitting algorithm now honours widow/orphan settings when determing an appropriate split point within a table row.

Allow non-ascii characters in <xmlproc/> xpath expression

(bug 2701) An <xmlproc/> xpath expression is now processed as a UTF-8 sequence.

Incorrect API error status if partition path does not exist

(bug 2702) The TopLeaf API now returns status code 1178 when attempting to access an undefined partition.

Java API failed when the transform parameters property was an empty string

(bug 2703) The Java API failed if the transform parameters property was an empty string.

Ignore leaf boundary markers within <xmlproc/> content

(bug 2704) The composition engine generated an error if the content processed by <xmlproc/> contained a full looseleaf leaf boundary marker.

Incorrect rendering of mixed bidirectional content

(bug 2708) Some errors that occurred when rendering bidirectional content have been corrected.

Sort new items in the Mapping Editor "based on" list

(bug 2711) New items added to the Mapping Editor "based on" list are now sorted.

New mappings based on existing mapping don't copy unsaved properties

(bug 2712, 2714) A new mapping based on an existing mapping did not copy all mapping properties.

Unexpected warning when processing end column request at start of page

(bug 2713) The composition engine generated an unexpected warning when processing consecutive column break requests.

DITA deferred id's not processed if title map has no pre-content

(bug 2715) DITA deferred id's were not processed if a title map did not declare pre-content customisation.