Date of release: 2015-02-09


The following enhancements were applied in this build.

Allow Java arguments to be set in GUI preferences

(bug 2671) The Java Runtime Arguments field can be used to pass arguments to the java virtual machine when TopLeaf runs a java program.

Add "breadcrumb" navigation to top of each help page

(bug 2678) The TopLeaf GUI Help interface has been improved.

Bug Fixes

The following bug fixes were applied in this build.

Page file corrupted

(bug 2660) In some circumstances, the length of an output page file line containing a series of jump destination targets exceeded 32,000 characters.

Skip target creation for non-DITA elements

(bug 2661) Jump destinations are now only created for DITA elements with a class attribute.

Restrictions when importing from CSS

(bug 2662) The GUI Import from CSS... option can now only be used when creating a new publication.

Error if empty <custom-pre/> or <custom-post/> declared in mappings.tlx

(bug 2664) The API generated an abnormal exit if an empty user customisation was declared within an XML mapping style sheet.

Cannot create EPUB file

(bug 2665) In some circumstances, an attempt to create an EPUB secondary transformation failed due to missing template files.

Transform warning for some java versions

(bug 2666) The version of Xerces™ referenced when creating a secondary transform has been upgraded.

Missing content when processing an inter-segment binding

(bug 2667) In some circumstances, the typesetting engine miscalculated the available depth before rendering the content of a data segment. The content of the previous segment was discarded if an inter-segment bind was active.

Mapping compiler should ignore some properties if merging with next

(bug 2668) If an end tag mapping specifies merge with next, the end box, end rule and page properties are now ignored.

Split page footnote within bound content is discarded

(bug 2669) A page footnote was defined within a bound content. When the footnote was split, the footnote reference line and split footnote content could not fit within the same page. The footnote content was discarded.

Linux linking problem

(bug 2670) The TopLeaf Linux run time has been modified to prevent run time link errors on some Linux distributions.

Limit to first page when previewing PDF

(bug 2672) When a multi-page PDF was used as an image, the previewer attempted to convert all pages when making a bitmap version.

Nested table header breaks from table body

(bug 2674) The content of a nested table header is now implicitly bound to the associated table body.

Java interface returned failure on secondary transform warnings

(bug 2676) A secondary transform warning was interpreted as a failure by the API java interface.

Fix DITA pre-processing for OT 2.0

(bug 2677) The dita.list file is no longer created.

Abnormal exit when rendering table cell fill

(bug 2679) The content of a table row was incorrectly split immediately before processing the associated table row fill and frame components. On some installations, the typesetting engine generated an abnormal exit.

Incorrect vertical spreading between splittable table rows

(bug 2681) The typesetting engine inserted additional vertical space between table rows on pages that were subject to vertical spreading.

Incorrectly positioned <folio/> reference in rotated fixed block

(bug 2682) The content associated with a <folio/> or <link-folio/> directive was positioned incorrectly within a rotated fixed block.