TopLeaf 8

TopLeaf is an XML rendering system for the production of high quality PDF and electronic output. TopLeaf allows you to create stylesheets that apply consistent formatting to your content. A single stylesheet created in TopLeaf 8 can transform XML or DITA content into print, PDF, HTML, RTF, EPUB and formats for mobile devices.

TopLeaf 8 introduces new features while consolidating changes begun in previous TopLeaf versions. This section lists the major changes in TopLeaf 8.

TopLeaf licensing

TopLeaf 8 can only be installed using a TopLeaf 8 license key. If you are upgrading from an earlier version and have a TopLeaf maintenance agreement then please contact Turn-Key Systems or your reseller for a replacement TopLeaf key. A summary of the features enabled by your TopLeaf license can be found here.

Mapping Editor

The TopLeaf Mapping Editor combines the TopLeaf 7 Map Manager, Header & Footer Manager and Notes Manager dialogs within a single user interface. This integrated stylesheet management tool simplifies the process of creating and maintaining TopLeaf XML-based stylesheets.

You can use the stylesheet upgrade option to convert stylesheets created by TopLeaf 7.5 or earlier to the TopLeaf 8 stylesheet format.

Mapping Assistant

The Mapping Assistant is a stylesheet management tool that helps you determine the mapping that is applying a particular style or create new mappings in the context of your data. It uses information produced by the composition engine to display both the elements in the source data and the mappings used to style them, allowing you to construct and test stylesheet changes more quickly and easily.

TopLeaf GUI

The TopLeaf GUI delegates the processing of partition updates, differencing, and versioning to the TopLeaf API. The methods used by the TopLeaf GUI to show the progress of lengthy API operations have been improved.

TopLeaf API

TopLeaf stores partition specific properties within TopLeaf partition property files. The methods used to update and retrieve this information from a TopLeaf partition have been optimised.

TopLeaf Help

The complete TopLeaf Help is also available online.