Effects group

This group provides a quick way to apply basic cell styling.

The Header and Body selectors define a default text style for header/body cells, where a header cell is defined as:

  • an entry (CALS) or td (HTML) within a thead

  • a th (HTML) anywhere in the table

  • a table-cell (Custom) after a table-head but before the table-body

and a body cell is any other (i.e. non-header) cell.

The text style choices are:

  • {inherit}

  • Bold

  • Italic

  • BoldItalic

[Note] Note

The text style is applied just before the cell is processed and only affects the Bold and Italic font properties. Everything else (e.g. underline, text color) is inherited in the usual way. The styles can be overridden at the cell level. For example, a request to switch off Bold in a CALS table mapping at the thead level will be ignored. If you need to switch off a bold effect within a CALS table header, create a mapping for thead//entry and disable the bold or italic font characteristic in that mapping.

Remember, that this facility is simply a quick way to apply basic heading styles. If you want something more complex leave both settings on {inherit} and use explicit mappings, such as th or thead//td to apply the desired effects.

The Head fill control allows you to select a background color for header cells. Note that this control can only be used to apply a header fill to the content of a table thead block. If you need to apply a fill to a th entry declared outside a table thead group, then use the <cell-properties/> command in the Custom tab.

Press the Change... button to open a color selection dialog. If a color palette is defined for the stylesheet, the Color Palette dialog will open.