Usage: <table-start colsep="CS" rowsep="RS" style="STYLE" style-attr="ATTR"/> where:

  • CS is 1 (the default) if column separators are required, 0 otherwise.

  • RS is 1 (the default) if row separators are required, 0 otherwise.

  • The style parameter adds an attribute with the given value to the generated table tag. The value should only contain alphanumeric characters. If this parameter is omitted the attribute is not added.

  • The style-attr parameter provides the name of the style attribute. The default is

This command begins the processing of a new custom table. It is an error to use this command when any previous custom table is still under construction (i.e. prior to that table’s <table-emit/>).

Properties such as the table frame are inherited from the table style in force when <table-emit/> is eventually called. The style parameter can be used to add an attribute that allows a specific mapping to be selected for this table.

Row and column separators can be set on a cell by cell basis by using colsep and rowsep attributes of the <table-cell/> command.