Usage: <table-column width="WD"/> where:

  • WD is the table column width (default is 1*)

Column widths can be specified as either a fixed measure using one of the following units: pt (points), cm (centimeters), mm (millimeters), pi (picas), in (inches), pc (a synonym for pi), px (pixels), dp (decipoints) or a proportional measure such as “10*”. Proportional measures are resolved to table column widths that represent a proportion of the available measure. If neither a proportion or a fixed unit type is specified then the width value is interpreted as a decipoint measure.

Table column widths must be defined in table column order and a column width declaration is required for each table column. It is an error to declare a <table-column/> anywhere except immediately after <table-start/>.

Note that the <table-column/> directive does not specify default properties (such as horizontal alignment) for the whole column. These effects are applied using the table-cell directive.