<table-cell colnum="CN" span="SP" vspan="VS" align="AL" valign="VA"
       colsep="CS" rowsep="RS">CONT</table-cell>


  • CN is the column number (default is the next column in sequence). This value must be in the range 1 to the number of table-column commands.

  • SP is the number of columns spanned horizontally (default 1). It is an error if the span extends past the rightmost column.

  • VS is the number of rows spanned vertically (default 1). It is an error if the header/body does not contain enough rows to hold the span.

  • AL is the horizontal alignment, one of left (the default), right, center or justify.

  • VA is the vertical alignment, one of top (the default), bottom, middle or step.

  • CS is 1 (the default) if a column separator is required, 0 otherwise.

  • RS is 1 (the default) if a row separator is required, 0 otherwise.

This command declares the content of a custom table cell. It may only be called within a table header or body.

Note that, unlike explicitly marked CALS or HTML tables, custom tables require properties such as separators and alignment to be specified for every cell (if you don't want the default behavior). See example below for an example.