Rules group

Controls rule generation at the start of an element. The options are:

  • Start box — begins a box that encloses the following content. The appearance of the box is determined by the box style that is currently in effect. If the mapping that starts the box doesn't define a box style, the mappings of the ancestor elements set the box style (this allows you to set a common box style for the whole document by setting it in the $document mapping).

    Note that the box may be terminated at the end of any block element, so that a box may finish partway through the starting element, or contain multiple elements.

    See also Limitations - Boxes.

  • Horizontal line above — draws a horizontal rule above the start of the paragraph. This is a standalone feature, does not commence a box, and does not need to be terminated.

  • Start margin rule — begins a margin rule, as defined in the page layout dialogs. A margin rule is a vertical line drawn between two points in the main text. Once started, a margin rule will continue until terminated by an End margin rule request. A margin rule can start anywhere in a paragraph, so this option is enabled even for Inline elements.

    [Note] Note
    • A request to start and end a margin rule has no effect unless margin rules have been set up in the Layout Editor.

    • A request to start and end a margin rule has no effect unless that request is made from a data block that declares a margin rule region.

    • You can use the <marginrule-properties/> command to set the width, color, and alignment of a margin rule