Paragraph group

This group is enabled for block type elements (i.e. all except Inline). It controls the paragraph layout at the beginning of the element. There are three basic layouts:

  • Normal paragraph — starts a new paragraph with no special handling.

  • Bind to previous paragraph — ensure that the first paragraph in this block begins on the same page (or in a multi-column layout, in the same column) as the end of the previous paragraph. For example, you would set this option to keep the first item of a list with an immediately preceding caption or title paragraph.

    See also Limitations – Paragraphs.

  • Consolidate space above — whenever paragraphs are being vertically spread to fill a page, TopLeaf will distribute any excess vertical space equally above all paragraphs styled with this characteristic. For example, you might set this option when styling header paragraph content. The maximum amount of space that can be distributed in this way is controlled by the <page-properties> command.

The following options can be selected with any of the above:

  • Disable merge with previous — forces the element to begin a new paragraph, even if the previous element has requested a merge. Blocks that start a new page type, a box, or a horizontal rule always have this property.

  • Bind element content — forces the content of the element to be held together as an unbreakable unit (that is, without page or column breaks). If the content cannot fit into a single column, this option will be overridden and a run-time warning issued.