Classification Group

The most important property an element possesses (in terms of its appearance when rendering) is its Classification. The classifications are similar to the ones used in CSS, though TopLeaf supports additional types required for page based setting.

The available classifications are:

  • Block — the standard paragraph type. Use this whenever either the start or end tag of an element denotes a paragraph boundary. It is possible to merge multiple blocks into a single paragraph in the output.

  • Inline — used to denote an area of text within a paragraph, such as an italicized phrase or a hyperlink.

  • Label — a special form of block mapping used for the labels of list items or headings. This mapping enables the Label Offset field in the Paragraph tab and forces a merge with the immediately following content.

  • List-Item — a special form of block mapping that generates its own label, as defined by the List-Item type.

[Warning] Warning

While graphics may be used within labels, you should be careful to specify a maximum size (“Size and Orientation fields”) for the graphic. Failure to do this may result in a greatly oversized label which will impact on the overall layout.