List-Item types

The user can select a number of unordered types, such as disc, square, em dash, etc. Ordered labels (numeric, upper and lower roman numerals, and upper and lower alphabetic) are also available.

The following table defines the Unicode character code used to render unordered list-item types:

List Item Type Character
Bullet U+2022
Circle U+25CB
Diamond U+2666
Square U+25A0
Shadow-Box U+274F
EmRule U+2014
EnRule U+2013

[Note] Note

A given font may not contain symbols for every possible list item character. If TopLeaf finds that it has been asked to render a character that is not present in the currently selected font, it will generate an error and draw the default character for the font (if defined) — this is usually an open box, although for some Type 1 fonts, the default character may be a bullet. If a list item character is not available in the current font, you may need to create a character map configuration file.

The following table defines the format used to render ordered list-item types:

List Item Type Format
Decimal 9.
Lower-Alpha (a)
Upper-Alpha (A)
Lower-Roman (xii)
Upper-Roman (XII)

The format of the label generated for list item blocks is not configurable. You can use custom content to generate labels in other formats (see Custom tab for details).

The {tag-occurrence} variable is useful for generating list labels. For example, the following fragment creates a lower-case alpha label:

<set var="ListLabel" value="{tag-occurrence}" transform="LOWER,ALPHA"/>