Vertical align

The Vertical align property controls the way excess vertical space is distributed within the page. This is applied to the current page, not the new page that is being started.

The options are:

  • {default} — use whatever option is currently in force.

  • Top — set text at the top of each column.

  • Center — add equal amounts of extra space at the top and the bottom of the column, thus vertically centering the text.

  • Bottom — add extra space at the top, forcing the text down to the bottom of the column.

  • Spread — distribute excess space evenly between paragraphs, or between lines if the whole column is a single paragraph.

    [Note: the Consolidate space above and Consolidate space below options force excess space to be consolidated at specific points in the column, provided the total excess space does not exceed the limit set by the <page-properties> command.]