Typeface selection scheme editor

A typeface selection scheme defines a set of rules for selecting the typeface to render a character.

Select Tools » Edit typeface schemes... to edit the selection schemes, or to create a new collection of schemes. If no schemes exist you will be asked to enter the name and default typeface for the first scheme.

The scheme names are displayed in the left-hand pane. Select a scheme to display its list of typefaces in the right-hand pane.

The buttons below the list of schemes allow you to add a new scheme, edit an existing scheme or to change the name of a scheme.

For each scheme you can add, edit or delete typefaces. The buttons on the right allow you to move the selected typeface up or down in the list.

When you add or edit a typeface a dialog will open to allow you to enter the conditions in which it is selected. For the character range you can press the Unicode Ranges button to display a list of defined ranges. The Insert button allows you to add ranges to the condition.