Custom preferences

To change the options used to display custom content, select View » Custom preferences....

The Typeface and Font size control the display of custom content text. The size is expressed in points.

The Tab size determines where tab stops are positioned in the text display. The width of a tab is set to the width of the equivalent number of spaces.

The colors used to identify various structures in custom content can be set here. Use the Choose... buttons to change a color.

Select the Highlight spaces checkbox to display spaces with a color. This will allow you to easily see spaces that will be processed as character data. Spaces inside tags or comments are not highlighted. Use the Choose... button to select the highlight color.

The Show find panel by default checkbox determines whether the find controls on the Custom tab are displayed when the editor starts. If this is not selected the controls are hidden until the user initiates a find action.

The Reset to defaults button will set all values to their defaults.