Find in custom code

The custom content editor includes an option to search for a particular string. To enable the find option, you can either press Ctrl+F or select Find in custom code from the Edit menu. This will display the find panel at the bottom of the code editor. You can also select an option in Custom preferences to have the find panel appear by default.

To search for a string, enter it into the text box and press Enter or click the Next button. Use the Next and Prev buttons to search for other occurrences of the string. You can also use the options in the Edit menu or the F3 and Shift+F3 short cuts.

The following options can be used to control the search:

  • Match case — if this is selected the string must match exactly; otherwise upper and lower case are treated as identical.

  • Whole words — if this is selected the string will be found only if it is a complete word or words; otherwise strings within a word will be found.

  • All mappings — if selected all mappings will be searched; otherwise only the current mapping is searched.

To hide the find panel use the arrow button on the right. If the panel is hidden it will be opened the next time a find is performed.