Custom code analyzer

This tool displays each of the custom markers and user variables in the stylesheet and shows the mappings that refer to them.

Select Tools » Custom code analyzer... to display it.

When the custom markers tab is visible, selecting a custom marker shows a list of the mappings that refer to it in its custom code. Selecting a mapping will display it in the Mapping Editor.

For a variable the display shows additional information about how each mapping uses it:

  • the Set column shows a tick if the mapping changes the value of the variable.

  • the Used column shows a tick if the value of the variable is used in the custom code.

  • the Property column (if not blank) shows the mapping tab or tabs that set properties from the variable value.

If the mappings have changed press Refresh to update the display.

The variable references shown include explicit references using the {...} notation and certain commands that use a var attribute. Some computed references, such as using a copy attribute, will not appear.

If the appropriate General preference is set any items that are not used or not defined will be highlighted with an icon and a different font:

  • An item that is defined but not used is shown in italic.

  • An item that is used but not defined is shown in bold italic.