Label styles

A label is a semi-independent fragment at the start of a paragraph. By default, the label baseline will align with the baseline of the associated paragraph. A dropped label is a special form of label inserted at the beginning of a paragraph, with sufficient lines indented to leave room for the ‘dropped’ material.

The following example shows how to use a dropped label style to create a “dropped cap” effect at the start of a paragraph:

  1. mark up the character(s) or graphic containing the dropped cap as (say) <drop>T</drop>

  2. create a Label mapping for the drop tag

  3. on the Font tab choose a large point size (say 2-4 times normal)

  4. on the Paragraph tab set the Label type control to Dropped

[Note] Note

If the depth of the dropped label exceeds the depth of the associated paragraph, the space below that paragraph is automatically increased to prevent an overlap with any following content.