The Alignment control has the following values:

  • Left — align text to the left margin, ragged right.

  • Right — align text to the right margin, ragged left.

  • Center — center text within the margins.

  • Justify — insert interword space to enable the text to fill the available space, except that the last line is left justified.

  • {inherit} — adopt the alignment used in the parent block (this is the default).

The Right and Center options cannot be used in a paragraph that contains a label, so these are not available if the mapping classification is Label or List-Item.

You can also assign the paragraph alignment using the string value of an attribute variable or user variable. Click on the alignment selector box and type in the name of an attribute variable or user variable. Enclose the variable name in braces when typing it into the field.

For example, the following tag declares the value of the paragraph alignment in the align attribute:

<image file="example.png" align="right" />

You can assign this value to a mapping for the image tag by typing {@align} into the control.

[Note] Note

The resolved string value assigned to a paragraph alignment control must be one of the values listed above. The interpretation of the value is not case sensitive. An empty string or a missing attribute is interpreted as {inherit}.