The following restrictions apply to sidenotes:

  • The total depth of all sidenotes referenced from a line may not exceed the depth of the associated data column.

  • Sidenotes can not be referenced from within fixed blocks, floats, or any other note type, including another sidenote.

  • Sidenote mappings should only reference user variables declared within the $document mapping or mappings applied when rendering the same sidenote. These restrictions also apply when referencing variables from within user definable mapping controls. Changing these variables during composition may lead to unpredictable results.

  • A page change will push its content below any sidenotes that have already been rendered

  • Sidenotes may be called from within tables, but caution must be used since each table row consists of several text columns at the same vertical level. Ideally, at most one sidenote should be referenced from a single table row.

  • Although sidenotes will not collide with each other, if the sidenote area in the layout overlaps with a data block it is possible for data content and sidenote text to collide. In this case you should take appropriate action when processing content that might extend into the sidenote area.

  • Vertically adjacent sidenotes may overlap if content within a sidenote or the sidenote anchor line is baseline shifted. For this reason, attempting to vertically align a sidenote and the sidenote anchor line by adjusting the font baseline position is not recommended.