Column floats

You can declare a custom action and paragraph, box, table, and image styles for a column float.

Custom, Paragraph, Font, and Tables tabs

These serve the same purpose as for tag mappings (see Custom tab, Paragraph tab, Font tab and Tables tab).

You cannot use paragraph spacing to create a gap between a float and adjacent content. You can, however, declare a float separator space.

Box style

This serves the same purpose as for tag mappings (see Box tab). In the context of a float, the Box tab has an extra tickbox, Apply to float. When ticked, the specified box style will be automatically applied, enclosing the float object. If the float box style declares a variable depth, the depth of the box is determined by the height of the content of the float.

[Warning] Warning

If you specify a fixed depth for a float box style, and the vertical depth of the float content exceeds the fixed depth of the box, then the float content will overflow the top and bottom edges of the box.


If you need to search in a particular directory for images referenced in a column float, click the Browse button to enter the directory name into the Look in: box. The default value for Look in: is {inherit}, which means to search in a location defined in the $document mapping.