System markers

System markers are elements that control the default or initial settings for the entire document, for header and footer fixed block regions, and specific typesetting structures such as notes, running heads, or floats. The following table summarises the set of system markers defined by TopLeaf:

Marker Function User configurable Where Defined
$document Declares a set of initial settings and styles that are inherited by all mappings Yes “The $document mapping”
$default The default mapping style applied when a mapping is created No Based on
$headfoot An ancestor mapping for all headers and footer regions Yes “The $headfoot mapping”
$note A mapping page context applied within note typesetting structures No “Page contexts”
$float A mapping page context applied within float typesetting structures No “Page contexts”
$implied Defines the action taken when processing an unmapped tag No “Priority and Precedence”

Additional mappings are available for notes. See Notes for details.