Using variables

Some properties can take their value from a user variable or attribute variable. These properties have {...} displayed after them.

To reference a variable, enter the variable name and enclose it within a { and } brace pair. For example, if the Space-above user variable contains the value for the vertical space above the paragraph, then assign this value by typing {Space-above} into the Above space field:

Attribute values are identified by the @ prefix. For example, if the current element declares the value of the paragraph left margin in the left-margin attribute, then assign this value by typing {@left-margin} into the Left Margin field:

If the property defines a measure the value of the variable must be a valid number optionally followed by a unit code chosen from the list above. If no unit code is present the value will be interpreted as a number of decipoints. An error will be reported if the value of the variable cannot be interpreted as a measure.