Some properties define a height or width on the output page, such as the vertical space above a table or the length of a horizontal rule.

A measure is specified by a number followed by a 2-letter unit code. The following is a list of the possible units. Both lower-case and upper-case values may be used.

Code Meaning
cm Centimeters
dp Decipoints (10 decipoints = 1 point)
in Inches
mm Millimeters
pc Picas (1 pica = 12 points)
pt Points

Measures are always displayed using the default units for the stylesheet. This can be set from the Format Options dialog.

Measure properties for a mapping are displayed in a control with up and down arrow buttons which can be used to increase or decrease the value. You can also type in a value. If no unit code is entered the default units are assumed.

Some commands that can be used in custom content accept measurement values. The units listed above are also recognized for command arguments. Note, however, that a value with no unit code is generally interpreted as a number of decipoints.