Markers and mappings

Tag mappings must be explicitly defined to have any effect. When TopLeaf encounters a tag in the input stream it searches for a suitable mapping. If no mapping is found the tag plays no part in the typesetting process. Thus setting a document without any mappings declared will run all the text together into a single paragraph.

The definition of mappings for custom markers is the same as for tags except that:

  • The mapping name must begin with a percent sign followed by an upper case letter (e.g. %MyMarker). This prevents any naming conflict with tag mappings.

  • It is a (run time) error to use a custom marker without having defined a matching custom mapping.

When you first set up a job you will always have a mapping for the system marker $document. This mapping sets the defaults (font, justification, table style etc) for the job as a whole (see “The $document mapping”), though these can be overridden by lower level mappings as required.