The Job Status section

The final section of any log file gives status information on the finished job as follows:

Markers:   3828 referenced, 450 defined.
Entities:  1225 referenced, 4013 defined.
Mappings:  3962 referenced, 103 implied, 157 defined, 82 used.
Macros:    198412 referenced, 4086 defined, 1599 used.
Fonts:     9 used.
Pages:     69 (18.5 pages/sec).
Errors:    0 errors, 0 warnings.
Status:    Normal program shutdown.

  • The Markers line counts the number of elements, custom markers, some entities, header/footer and note constructs. It gives both the number of markers processed during the run, and the number of distinct definitions. Note that start tags and end tags are counted as separate markers for this purpose.

  • Similarly the Entities line counts the number of entities encountered and defined. The number includes a large set of entities automatically defined by TopLeaf.

  • Mappings gives a set of 4 numbers:

    • referenced — the number of mappings executed during the run;

    • implied — the number of unmapped markers that were assigned a default mapping;

    • defined — the number of distinct mappings defined, including any pre-defined system mappings automatically defined by TopLeaf;

    • used — the number of distinct mappings actually used in the current job.

  • Macros refers to low level typesetting system commands or variables declared and referenced during the job.

  • Fonts gives the number of distinct fonts used. Note that a font is regarded as a Typeface/Size combination (e.g. Arial 12pt). Bold, italic, and other variants are not regarded as separate fonts.

  • Pages gives both the number of pages set, and the performance in pages per second. Note that performance is affected by many factors such as CPU speed, machine workload, available memory, and the size and complexity of the pages to be printed.

  • Errors gives the number of warnings and errors in the job. Note that fatal errors are indicated in the Status line.

  • Finally, the Status line indicates whether the program ran to completion or if any errors were encountered.

[Warning] Warning

Occasionally the typesetting log may end without listing a PROGRAM STATUS section or by reporting an ABNORMAL EXIT. If you have a job that consistently ends with either of these scenarios, please let us know at