The <telltale/> command

Data telltales track location specific information in a document. The command format is:

The command format is:

<telltale number="N" mode="MODE" />


N is the telltale number (1 to 9) and MODE is one of predata, begin, first, last or end.

Telltale modes are described in “Data telltales”. Telltale content is assigned from the scanned content of a element or custom marker and cleared from an element or custom marker end tag mapping.

You can also use <set var="Name" telltale="N:MODE"/> to assign the telltale content to a variable. See “Data telltales” for details.

For example, a header with content:

<telltale number="2" mode="first"/>
<telltale number="2" mode="last"/>

in a dictionary might produce a result like aardvark–accolade.