Creating a mapping

Header and footer mappings are created automatically to match the content identifiers used by fixed blocks in the current page layout. To create a new mapping, simply enter the new name in the content field of a fixed block and save the layout. If the Mapping Editor is open, use the Reload layout command to update the mapping list.

It is recommended that you choose content names that reflect the meaning of what is displayed, rather than where it appears. This makes it easier to share and reuse content. For example, “chapter-title” is a better content name than “leftpage-headcenter”.

A header/footer mapping will appear as an item in the left pane if its content name is used anywhere in the page layout, or if it has anything entered in its Custom tab. To remove a header/footer mapping that is no longer required, make the content of the mapping empty and remove any references to it in the Layout Editor. It will be removed the next time the editor is opened, or when you invoke the Reload layout command.

[Note] Note

Header and footer mappings are only created and deleted when the layout is saved. To remove an unused mapping you may need to make a change to the layout and save it.