Paragraph tab

This serves the same purpose as the corresponding tab for tag and custom marker mappings (see Paragraph tab). All header and footer mappings are blocks by definition, and so most (but not all) of the paragraph functions are enabled.

Two additional values are available in the Alignment field of the Paragraph tab: Inside and Outside. These refer to the inner and outer side when the pages are bound as in a book. The following diagram shows the effect of various alignments:

You can set the header and footer paragraph margins, indents and spacing, and alignment controls using the content of a previously assigned user variable.

For example, the $document mapping declares the TitleAlign user variable:

<set var="TitleAlign" string="Right" />

to specify a preferred paragraph alignment for the ChapterTitle header and footer.

You can assign this alignment by typing {TitleAlign} into the ChapterTitle header and footer paragraph style.

[Note] Note

The following restrictions apply when assigning the value of a paragraph control from a user variable :

  • The value assigned to a measurement selector must be a valid TopLeaf measure.

  • The resolved string value assigned to a paragraph alignment control must specify a valid paragraph alignment, or one of the string values Inside or Outside. The interpretation of the string assignment is not case sensitive.