The $headfoot mapping

The $headfoot mapping declares a set of custom actions that will be applied immediately before and after processing the fixed blocks regions for the current page. Typical uses for this mapping include incrementing of page counters, declaring user variables, or applying a change pages page identifier.

The following example shows how to use the $headfoot mapping to increment a page number, then assign a first page title header for use within a fixed block:

<set var="PageNo" value="{Pageno}+1" />
<case var="Pageno" target="1" >
  <set var="TitleHead" string="Introduction" />
  <set var="TitleHead" string="" />

[Warning] Warning

The $headfoot mapping is not associated with any fixed block declared by the Layout Editor. While a fixed block can inherit properties from the $document mapping, it cannot inherit any characteristics from the $headfoot mapping. You cannot use this mapping to emit or format content in any way —the placement and appearance of content generated by this mapping is undefined.