Custom, Font and Box tabs

These serve the same purpose as the corresponding tabs for tag and custom marker mappings (see Custom tab, Font tab and Box tab).

Care must be taken with custom content that can have a global effect (for example, changing the value of a variable that is referenced from another context, such as a note, or a different header or footer). Do not assume that the content of headers and footers will be evaluated in a particular order, or that headers will be processed before footers.

In the context of a Header or Footer, the Box tab has an extra checkbox, Apply to header/footer. When ticked, the specified box style will be applied to the header or footer. The depth of a box generated this way is determined by the height of the header or footer defined in the page layout, not by what it contains. If the height of a header or footer block exceeds the depth of the content in that block, TopLeaf will vertically center the content within the block. If you need to create a box that adjust its depth according to its content, use a custom marker to both start and end the box and set the box style.

[Warning] Warning

There are some restrictions that apply when processing boxes within fixed blocks. These are described in the Limitations - Boxes section of the User Guide.