The typeface list shows both installed typefaces in the font configuration and typeface selection schemes (if present). The names of schemes are displayed in italic.

When a mapping is processed, TopLeaf first checks if the mapping references a typeface selection scheme defined in the scheme configuration file. If a scheme is defined, then the composition engine applies the typeface selection rules declared for that scheme. If a typeface selection scheme cannot be located, then TopLeaf assumes that the mapping is referencing a typeface installed on the current platform.

The default value is {inherit}, which means continue with the typeface (or scheme) currently in use.

You can also set the typeface or scheme name using the resolved value of an attribute variable or user variable and where that value is a font size measured in points.

The typeface list reflects the font configuration and selection scheme current at the time the editor was started. You may need to exit and restart the editor if any changes have been made.

When a typeface selection scheme is selected you can use the Edit typeface scheme... button to open the scheme editor.

[Warning] Warning

In work groups involving multiple document stylists connecting to the same network repository, each machine running TopLeaf must be configured with the same fonts.