Horizontal scale

A change to the font horizontal scaling allows you to stretch (greater than 100%) or shrink (less than 100%) the text horizontally. The height of the text is not affected, so very small or very large values are likely to make the text difficult to read.

You can set the font horizontal scale using the value of an attribute variable or user variable and where the resolved value is within the range 30-200%.

The horizontal scale value is not inherited in the same way as other font properties. Its interpretation depends on whether the mapping also specifies a font size:

  • If a font size is specified the scaling factor is set to the value specified, or 100% if no value is present. Any scaling currently in effect from a parent element mapping is ignored.

  • If no font size is specified the scaling value is combined with any scale currently in effect. For example, if a 90% scale is applied by a parent element mapping and the current mapping sets a scale of 80% without changing the font size the effective scale will be 72%.